Community Guidelines

Jodel is a place where everyone has a voice. As a community member, you can interact with people around you and share your thoughts freely. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, what matters is what you have to say.

This is a place where you’ll find lots of new stuff to love as you get to know your community, a place where everyone helps and supports one another. As such we trust you to be responsible for what you say.

Help us stay positive!

Here are some guidelines that will help you be part of your local community .

We work super hard to maintain the good vibe in the community and you can also help us, remember this is your community and you can make it grow stronger and more positive.

You might not like everything that you see and if you think something is inappropriate, please flag and/or downvote it. Keep up the good jodling and have fun!

1. Disclosure of personal information 2. Harassment / Racism 3. Sexual content / promotion of violence 4. Spamming / Advertisements 5. Reposts and 3rd party content 6. Spoilers 7. Abuse of security measures 8. Pictures

1. Disclosure of personal information

Do not post or ask for any names, addresses, phone numbers, licence plates, social media accounts or any other personal information, like nicknames, linitials etc.,

It is ok to post names of people of public interest, like Barack Obama is cool, kik accounts / email addresses with no names, like Jodel123 /, fictional characters or public places, like restaurants, bars.

Jodel is a platform providing user-to-user anonymity. Please keep personal data safe and do not publish it on Jodel. In case of illegal activity on Jodel, we reserve the right to cooperate with the relevant authorities to prevent this kind of activity. This includes -also in case of suspicion- the transmission of relevant data respecting the data protection law.

2. Harassment / Racism

Do not post any insults, threats or any type of hate speech. Bullying is simply not cool.

Do not post any insults towards anyone based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or anything else.

It is ok to post jokes as far as they do not hurt other community members and have positive vibe.

3. Sexual content / promotion of violence

Do not post any content promoting violence, nudity, sexually explicit / pornographic material. Any kind of sexual harassment or sex requests are not tolerated on Jodel.

It is ok to ask general questions about sex or to seek advice, like When was your first time?

4. Spamming / Advertisements

Do not post any sort of adverts, commercial stuff, repetitive content, or any other unsolicited spam.

It is ok to post special deals or coupons, from which our community members can profit, example: In Pizza Hut you have 25% discount with code JodelRocks!.

5. Reposts and 3rd party content

Do not post the same posts over and over again.

Do not post content from other applications, screenshots or pictures from gallery.

Jodel is a place to be creative and unique. Share your original thoughts, ideas, experiences and stories with everyone around you.

6. Spoilers

Do not post spoilers, spoiling someone else’s fun is a form of trolling.

It is ok to post a spoiler if you have warned users first, like Let’s discuss the latest Game of Thrones episode in the comments.

7. Abuse of security measures

Do not use fake GPS to sneak into other Communities and disturb the peace.

Do not be part of mass downvoting, mass flagging or other breaches of our security measures.

However, it is important to use our voting features, as well as flagging abusive content responsibly. This way you help your community to keep the feed awesome!

8. Pictures

Do not post any pictures with personal data, like licence plates, names, addresses.

It is ok to post selfies, pictures with people being aware of it, public settings and focus not on a person (e.g. stadium, towns square)

Do not post sexual content or violence, do not spam with useless pictures or commercial stuff.