How our moderation works

Here at the Jodel HQ, we do not want to be authoritative raccoons – we want to empower YOU to shape and build great communities!

Nice, so what happens to the posts I report?!

  • All reported posts get reviewed by our moderators, who decide on them based on our community guidelines
  • Our moderation algorithm calculates how many moderators are needed to reach a decision
    • highly ranked and experienced moderators = less votes required
    • always a minimum needed, no moderator can decide alone
    • if the reporting user is a moderator, his vote will not be counted
  • If a post gets blocked, its creator will lose all karma earned by the post and gets a penalty of -100 karma points

Ok, but what about the users who created the abusive posts?

  • Our algorithms identify and sort out the worst users who will get banned on the spot.
  • For the rest, an admin will look at each case and decide individually

Our Admins

  • Our admins decide whether and for how long a user gets banned
  • They decide between three basic options
    • put on probation (user will get reviewed again after some days)
    • temporary ban
    • permanent ban
  • Decision and duration of ban will depend on
    • severity of the abuse
    • amount of rule violations
    • past offenses

What if there was a mistake?

We are all only <strike>human</strike> raccoons so mistakes can happen. If you feel like we screwed up in your case, best contact our support so we can investigate what went wrong and make sure this never happens again!

Keep up the good jodeling!

P.S. To pass us your feedback on moderation or anything else, just include #feedback in your Jodel. We might not answer but you can be sure we try look at every post and are very happy for the feedback you share with us. Thanks for sharing!