Guidelines of
Jodel Community

What we don’t allow on Jodel

Every community needs a few ground rules and these are ours. While we expect everyone to live up to our values, we want to make sure everyone is feeling welcomed and safe and for that, the following rules apply.

  • 1) Disclosure of personal information

    We do not permit the disclosure of personal information leading to the identification of a private person or the circulation of private information involving a public figure. The right to privacy is our guiding principle at Jodel!

  • 2) Harassment and/or inciting violence

    Any kind of harassment or threats against individuals or groups of people or the promotion of violence have no place on Jodel. We are protective of our users!

  • 3) Discrimination

    Any kind of discrimination or hate speech against anyone or any group on any basis is not tolerated. We accept and welcome everyone as they are!

  • 4) Spamming

    Spam is not welcome in our community because it disrupts meaningful conversations, this includes posting the same or similar content from different locations or spamming the same hashtags.

  • 5) Spoilers

    We all enjoy a spoiler-free, excited discussion about the new content we are obsessed with. Of course, you can discuss older movies, books, shows, or live events – just don’t ruin the fun for others and make sure to mark potential spoilers.

  • 6) Trolling and disruptive behaviour

    Trolling, being unnecessarily unfriendly and intentionally ruining the experience of others are not tolerated on our platform.

  • 7) Pushy sexual behavior

    Pushy sexual behavior that might be harassing other users is not tolerated, including asking for or offering sexual services. Be respectful and approach Jodelers with dignity and humanity!

  • 8) Date Requests

    Asking for a date is only allowed if you do it in the appropriate channel, e.g. @dating. Make sure to share some information about yourself and always stay friendly and polite.

  • 9) Graphic violent and/or explicit sexual content

    Any kind of graphic violent and/or explicit sexual content (written or visual form) are not permitted. Pictures showing people in underwear or swimwear are allowed as long as intimate body parts/genitals are covered (including female breasts).

  • 10) Third-party applications & content

    The use of third-party applications and sharing copyrighted content are not allowed on Jodel. Accounts in violation will be automatically banned!

  • 11) Commercial posts

    “Professional advertisement” is not allowed. If you are a business and want to advertise on Jodel, please get in touch with us. Small private (classified style) ads in fitting channels are ok.

  • 12) Illegal activities

    Promoting, planning, or inciting illegal activities is not allowed.

  • 13) Other

    Any other post or content that might be interpreted as against the general community values of Jodel can be subject to moderation.

Special Jodel Rules

Here are some rules that apply to Jodel-specific features and functionalities. Please make sure to follow them so that everyone can have the best experience possible.
    • Reporting

    Report only abusive content with the corresponding reporting reason.
    Be fair and help us enhance our moderation system in the process.

    • Pictures/Videos of others

    Pictures/videos of public places are okay but we do not allow pictures or videos that clearly focus on people who are not aware of or are clearly disagreeing with being recorded.
    Picture and video posts are a lot of fun but only if everyone involved consents.

    • #serious / #feedback / #info / #question

    Respect the rules of Jodel community hashtags (#serious, #feedback) when using them or replying to Jodels that use them.

    Staying on topic when contributing to these hashtags makes Jodel the best go-to for all your local queries.

    • Emergency, Suicide Threats & General Safety

    When you come across an imminent danger on Jodel please contact us as soon as possible, by flagging the post as an “Emergency”.

    We aim to create a safe space for our community and we take potential threats to our members’ safety extremely seriously. Abusing this flag for obvious non-life-threatening cases can lead to a ban of your account.

    • Channels

    Channels, unless clearly stated otherwise below, are subject to the general rules and guidelines of jodel. Use the relevant Jodel channels for your content and be aware of and follow the channel-specific guidelines, if they apply.

    Channels are a place to meet Jodeleres with shared interests – some special rules might apply here.

    1. @dating, @bdsmdating – you are allowed to ask for a date in this channel
    2. @sex, @gaysex, @cuckold, @sextalk – in these channels, our rules around sex-related content are a bit more relaxed to allow for a free discussion about the topic. Please note that the general rules on nudity also apply to these channels.


    • Moderation

    Moderate fairly and according to Jodel’s guidelines.
    Making sure that we can all enjoy the Jodel community is the responsibility and the privilege of our community of moderators.